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In 2017 we launched Doing Work As so we could partner with awesome companies. We only work alongside teams and ideas we like. It's fun and we're very good at it. Today, our clients include the biggest tech and media cos in the world, plus inspiring up and comers. We also launched DWA because we believe the culture of media, business and humanity is broken. With a founding ethos that we're here to service our industry and peers, we're pumped to do something about it. We enjoy the written form and meaningful community. We've had success on both fronts since launch, and the Play Book email series is our latest effort to step it up...and have some fun.

Within each installment, you can expect succinct yet thoughtful industry analysis, real-time updates as we incubate new companies / ideas, invitations to executive events and more.

Chris Erwin + John Lustyan

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