A note from the Principals, John & Chris...

Deliberation is key, but deliberate action is everything. When confronted by today's massive and ever evolving market shifts it's hard to navigate hype and headlines to know what's real...and if it's hard to get a grip on today, planning for the future and placing smart bets becomes even more challenging. 

Luckily, we love a challenge.

For the last 15 years we've implemented transformative digital strategies, sourced and negotiated industry-first partnerships, launched new businesses and digital products, managed P&Ls and large teams and so much more for companies ranging from Fortune 100 stalwarts like Disney and Comcast to fast growing new media companies like Awesomeness and Big Frame. We strongly believe businesses need to be proactive and shape their own tomorrow, not just react to it. We're thrilled to empower our forward-thinking clients to accelerate their tomorrow, starting today.

MEET the team

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John Lustyan

15 years of Big Brand expertise, New Media leadership and Entrepreneurship across Entertainment, Gaming, CPG and Retail industries with some of the biggest and most powerful brands in the world including Disney, DreamWorks, Awesomeness, IPG, Nestle and more. Executive roles served across Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Product Development and General Management disciplines. John has co-founded multiple DTC companies, most notably Edoughble and earned his MBA from USC's Marshall School of Business in 2010.

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Christopher Erwin

Named 2016's "New Leaders of Hollywood, Digital" by Variety, Chris brings his five years of New Media expertise and thought leadership as COO of Big Frame / Awesomeness, as well as a strong Finance and Investment acumen from his Banking and Venture Capital experience with Pritzker Capital, Bank of New York Mellon and Waller Capital. Chris founded a Real Estate Investment and Educational community and earned his MBA from The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in 2012.


Recognized by Variety as Hollywood's New Leaders in Digital

Over the past five years Erwin has helped grow Big Frame into a management powerhouse and Hollywood’s first to focus on digital and social content creators. He helped orchestrate the film “Bad Night” (with clients Jenn McAllister and Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen), Ingrid Nilsen’s CoverGirl partnership, Google Platinum partnerships for Kian Lawley, J.C. Caylen, and Ricky Dillon, content partnerships with Vessel and Victorious, and podcast launches of Tyler Oakley, Nilsen, and Arden Rose. He notes: “Big Frame views digital not as a category, but rather a currency to transact with in all entertainment categories.”
— Variety, Hollywood’s New Leaders 2016: Digital